Microsoft Press Conference E3 2012


Another Microsoft press conference and I missed out on the beginning, but I tuned into the Kinect games so I’m fairly certain I didn’t miss anything of importance (aside from the opening of Halo 4 but…what do I care?). Kinect is, of course, again the name of the game this time as they released some Nike+ deal thing that can help you get in shape, something completely new to the videogaming industry as a whole-that whole fitness thing, then a nice new Dance Central game that they actually brought Usher out to dance about for. So, yeah, Kinect.
They advertised some…tablet? I think? Or maybe its just a program called Smart Glass that pretty much links all your devices together so while you’re watching a show, your tablet or phone can keep you up-to-date on what you’re watching and the like. Which to me sounds completely unnecessary. Just take a break and go look at your computer or something. Or look it up on your phone. I guess it’s a nice convenience, but it seems so unnecessary. But if it’s just a program, sure, whatever, it’s nice enough. Apparently you can look at something in the NEW AWESOME HALO game and unlock information that is sent to you through your phone. I guess it adds some immersion, I’m not sure. To me it’s just Microsoft’s WiiU tablet deal thingy. Has it’s uses, but a total gimmick.
The new Tomb Raider looks FANTASTIC and reminds me that I haven’t ever really played a Tomb Raider game in forever (aside from the gloriously fun Guardian of Light that I adored) and that I’d really like to try these new ones and see what those changes are since they wanted to make it more gritty and realistic (Lara actually gets dirty, bloody, hurt and possibly mangled instead of just being good to go all the time, she’s an adventurer not a super hero). But yeah, I’d like to get around to those sometime, the older ones suffered from those atrocious survival horror “only run forward” controls. This newest one definitely looks very Uncharted-esque, another game I’d love to play if I ever get the chance.
Resident Evil 6, Capcom’s upcoming sequel to the titular franchise, looks…about the same as always. It’s great to have them back in the city, as much as I loved RE4 (never got around to 5, though I should…) it’s great to have that old atmosphere of RE2 and 3. Leon Kennedy is back, but looking like Stephen Baldwin, it’s awful. Aside from that, it has few things that are different. You can look around corners and be more stealthy? But maybe that was in 5, Im not sure. Regardless, it could just be called “Quick Time Event: The Game” and it’d work.
They showed a nice trailer for the South Park RPG they’ve worked on for a year now. I didn’t expect the game to be this big, but it’s honestly looking great. The animation looks just like the show and everything, it’s amazingly impressive. Not to mention Trey Parker took a nice stab at the silly Microsoft device gimmicks before they rushed off stage.
The closing was an absurdly lengthy bit of single player gameplay from the newest in the Call of Duty series: Black Ops 2. It doesn’t look bad or awful or anything, they probably added in a couple new things too, but it just kinda looks like more of the same. Which is good for them, they depend on that formula to get the attention of their audience. Guns, stealth, bigger guns, headshots, seeing through walls, guns, explosions, crashes, etc. It’s not that I hate first-person-shooters or anything, I honestly usually like them, but I hate the audience it caters to for the most part. These people 90% of the time don’t care about a decent single player or the plot what-so-ever. They just run-and-gun like Contra. Shoot this, shoot that, so I can unlock this and use it to shoot my friends later while yell racial and homosexual slurs at them. Not that that is everyone or even most of the people who play these games, sure it’s just a bad stereotype but can you blame me? They just get the newest game to kill their friends in, doesn’t matter if it sucks or the previous was better, they’re still going to play it because that’s the current one. So they deal with it and stab, tomahawk, fellate their enemies to unlock whatever and buy more maps and eventually sink over $100 into one single game. Then again, I’m just bitter and want more variety in games, that’s really all. But atleast I admit it. I want more variety in FPSs in general, I loved the narrative style in L4D that most people completely look over (it has amazing characterization with no cutscenes, no cinematics, no dialogue aside from random quips said by characters during gameplay and you learn everything you need to know about them through that). Not to mention the greatness of Bioshock. I know there’s great potential in the genre; I just don’t want it squandered on muscle-headed competitive shooters anymore.
Well that was Microsoft’s press conference for 2012. They could’ve honestly just shown last years and no one would have noticed.


~ by Ghostess on June 4, 2012.

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