Reggie’s Body is Ready Now

Today Reggie said his body was ready. That’s really all I gotta say, honestly. Reggie was talking about the Wii Fit U (it’s an improvement for people who loved the Wii Fit) and he said, “My body wasn’t ready” but now he is, apparently. This is already a vast improvement over the past five years of Wii-dom. As clearly, last year, he was not, but now he is. This means Nintendo won E3. That’s all I can and will say because nothing else needs to be said.

Nah, Miyamoto came out and he was still the charming little manchild he always is an I love him for it. He spoke broken English about Pikmin (which really made me think, why isn’t he fluent in English yet? You’d think owning such a large and wealthy company he would work on the lingua franca. I know it’s hard, but I’m learning Japanese myself; you’d just assume he would be more interested, but that’s why we have Reggie) and was all adorable before unveiling the grandness that was PIKMIN 3.
Sure they announced it last year, but still, it was great to see them fulfill their promises- Nintendo almost always does. Pikmin 3 looks like a great improvement, 4 leaders, a new Rock Pikmin, a ton of strategy and utilizing the Wii U…tablet thingy as a map and ass a more strategic form of playing it. It looked definitely interesting and I can tell it’s not going to be an easy game (the first was one of the harder games I played).
They showed ways the Wii U can be played and it does seem kinda interesting to be able to take the game off the screen and all and I’m sure they’ll find some ways to further use it and the like. Zombi U is a Ubisoft game coming out soon that completely uses the controller and features a variety of ways to use it during the zombie apocalypse. Scanning for zombies, hacking a door, fighting off an undead, brain eating corpse, all those things. Plus Reggie was a zombie and told us he would eat us. Oh Reggie.
A new New Super Mario Bros game is coming out, this one with the uncanny title of New Super Mario Bros U, and will feature similar game play to the one on Wii. 4 player fun is back that will surely make sure your friends hate you by the end, but the Tanooki suit is back along with baby Yoshis for everyone to shoot bubbles with or use to float about or some such. It’s cute, trust me, but I can’t help but want Galaxy 3 or some such. I love Mario games, sure, but the New ones don’t really feel new anymore.
Luigi’s Mansion Dark Shadows is the 3DS game most have been waiting for since the announcement last year and, guess what, we got to see it. New ghosts, multiple mansions, all sorts of awesome stuff for Luigi. I’m all bout it. Apparently there’s a separate showcasing for the 3DS alone tomorrow night, and that’s awesome because I wanted a 3DS to have a good library over the past year and it looks as if it may finally get one.
By this time Nintendo had already unveiled more games than Microsoft and Sony combined before releasing a slew of third party games including a new edition of Batman: Arkham City (Armored Edition) that will use the Wii U controller. It looks as if it won’t add much to the game, honestly, you can control the remote batarang, woohoo. Only a purchase for people who haven’t played it yet, really. A new Ninja Gaiden, Mass Effect 3, Assassins Creed 3, etc.
They also released info about a new Scribblenauts which looks adorable and has more potential than any other since it’s on a full console (with a small port on 3DS). Looks fun and wants to expand on the plot of the earlier games, I didn’t know they had a plot really, and that’s cool, but at the same time it’s mostly just more of the same.
New Wii Fit, yay.
Nintendoland seems to be some sort of…Playstation Home, minigame extravaganza. Now, when I heard about Nintendoland, I was ready for a real-life theme park. Cause, seriously, I’ve wanted this for years (the Hey Ash episode was like reading my mind) and it’s the best fucking company and franchise for this. It’s just the best opportunity in the world and that Nintendo hasn’t done it yet is ridiculous. Anyways, its a series of minigames featuring your Mii. That’s bout it.
Nintendo fulfilled their promises and released pretty much what you’d expect from Nintendo. No new IPs and no huge blockbusters in their franchises (aside from Pikmin 3) and it sucks to see that they’re not creative enough to really try and utilize the potential hardware of the Wii U. A new addition to the pantheon is a must-have now. Sure Pikmin was added a myriad of years ago, but I think we all want more. Atleast now with this new power. As launch titles go, these aren’t awful and seem to be better than what the Wii had at launch, but I would definitely like to see more. Then again, next year there will undoubtedly be new consoles unveiled from one, if not both, of the other two in the Big Three and Nintendo will need as much ammo as they can get to hype things up. And I think a new Smash Bros. will definitely do that.
And maybe a Metroid, F-Zero, Galaxy 3, Donkey Kong Country Returns 3, Mother 4. I would say a new Zelda like most people seem to be clamoring over, but we just got Skyward Sword and I want others to be given a chance.  Image


~ by Ghostess on June 5, 2012.

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